For Endoscopes

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As OEM manufacturer, we are offering our partners the opportunity to benefit from the strength of our products and to sell our endoscopes under their own brand name.

As one of the technology leaders in the field of endoscopy in China, we offer you the opportunity to ideally position yourself on the market with your custom product development. And because we are happy to support you with our high vertical range of manufacture, our own systems and laboratories, our simulation process for optical calculations as well as our prototype and sample design.

We also supply Components and Spare Parts to our peer companies,including:

Optical Components and Spare Parts for Rigid Endoscopes:Achromatic lenses,eyepieces,field lenses,light cones,negatives,objectives,prisms,rod lenses,ect

Mechanical Components and Spare Parts for Rigid Endoscopes:

Apertures,cosmetic rings,inner tubes,spacers.ect

A detailed agreement between you and our sales team is crucial for joint success.


For Others

We offer comprehensive OEM and ODM services to help you become a manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective medical equipment. Our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer:
1. Private Labeling: We provide "private label" or "generic label" versions of our standard Imagex products. Based on your preferences, we design and affix the labels onto our products.
2. Customized Printings: We offer customized product printings such as catalogs and user manuals featuring your company logo, name, and any other information you want to display.
3. Part Provision: We supply products in parts and provide assistance for assembly within your country, supporting local manufacturing and potentially reducing costs.
4. Custom Manufacturing: We can produce products based on your designs, enabling you to realize your unique product vision through our manufacturing capabilities.